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Top 5 ways to create a powerful social media marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing on social media, there’s a lot of information out there—what to do, what not to do, and when to do it. The advice lists are as long as an Instagram feed… but most importantly it’s whoever gets to the end of someone’s Instagram feed, right?

Here, we cut right to it with the 5 top ways to create a powerful social media marketing strategy that will leave your target audience completely enthralled.

Use metrics.

You want to understand your current situation and analyze it before anything else. What’s working for you so far, and what are you eager to improve on. Do you want more followers, more engagement, more traffic, or more sales? Consider working on each area in order of importance. Use metrics as an investigation guideline then spearhead one area at a time and blow them up—make your every waking marketing minute about one area. Set a clear goal and when it’s achieved, move to the next area.

Metrics to consider include:

  • Conversion rates
  • Time spent on your website
  • Reach
  • Brand mentions
  • Social media sharing
  • Actual purchases

Don’t just know your client, be your client.

Understanding who is buying your products requires acting skills. Specifically, method acting. If you’re no good at it then learn it, and fast. It’s great to narrow your target audience down to specifics (for example: knowing they are all women aged 35- 50 who live in the suburban US, use mainly Facebook as their social media source, and like reading young adult fiction), but why stop there?

Take time to imagine yourself as your target audience and then, through that lens, explore the social media world around you.

Better yet, find someone in your life who is that person, and spend time exploring the web together. What ads stand out to you/them? Which products look good, and which don’t? Analyze everything from content, to screen placement, to color and font type. Every little detail will influence your target audience so you need to know about them all.

Get industry advice.

When I made the decision to sell my poetry online, Instagram was the best way to market myself. Instead of going in blind, I contacted every successful seller of poetry on Instagram and asked them how they became successful and what their success looked like. I even asked them about their monetary income and how long it took to build such an income. Don’t be afraid to be bold and ask the questions you think are invasive. If they don’t answer then you lost nothing, if they do, then you’ve just gained invaluable inside information about the leaders in your field including the limitations, the hardships, and the lived experiences of those who are already #killinit.

Track, Analyze, and OPTIMIZE.

This is probably the most important step. Track your efforts, analyze them—figure out what did/did not work, what can be improved on, what can be changed, and what you need more of— then, most importantly, do it. The growth of your business is only as great as the growth you can create within your business and don’t you forget it.

A key here is to ask your audience what they think of you. People love being engaged with. By asking them what they think of your product/service, you not only make them feel special and listened to, but you improve the likelihood that they, and others, will buy from you and be loyal to you in the future.

There’s no room here for pride, fear, or timidity here. Get out there and engage otherwise your business will fade into the background like so many others.

Create good content

Finally, the most obvious one, but also the one that often goes awry: create good content. Now that you know what area of your business you’re trying to build on, you know who your audience is, you know what experts have tried and what they recommend you doing, and you are tracking how successful your efforts are make sure you don’t forget who you are and what your business stands for.

Like all business, you should have a mission statement. Make sure, whenever you create content that is directly links back to that statement. Not only does this ensure integrity, it also means that your audience knows what you’re about, and what to expect

from you. Remember, they’re your audience for a reason—they like what you have to offer. Keep it up—stay weird, and wonderful, and stay true to your intentions.

From here, the only place left to go is onwards and up!

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